Youths Democracy Monitoring Project (YDMP):

In  recent years, and since the adoption of democracy in 1999 as the political system of governance in Nigeria. Elections have been conducted  as mechanism  to enable citizens  participate  in choosing  their representatives  into various  levels of government.  Citizenry participation in governance has been proscribed  as a measure  to check  representatives occupying political offices; those who have underperformed or misused the mandates bestowed  on them by electorates. The importance of citizen participation in ensuring accountability in governance therefore cannot be overemphasized, particularly youth and civil society organization participation in Governance. Participation through casting ballots, raising awareness on political issues, or monitoring processes of election is crucial to sustaining democracy and good governance. This not only encourages the adoption of constitutional process in the execution of governance policies, but also ensure that campaign promises are fulfilled as promised. It is against this foregoing, this project is designed to provide adequate support to electoral bodies and  youths  with skills to get actively in the 2019 election  through voting and monitoring(observation) which in the long run will not only build their capacities but also ensure that democratic processes are consolidated and sustained in Nigeria.