Teachers’ Capacity Enhancement Project (TCE)

The training, teaching, sensitization and enlightenment of citizens of any nation is paramount for its development. The emphasis placed on national and  international organizations on education as an important mechanism for growth, combating insecurity  and ultimately poverty reduction  cannot  be overridden, and this is because of its role in  socializing  the citizenry  in making choices  that enhances not only their capacities but the nation’s overall development effort. The rate of illiteracy in developing countries particularly in sub-saharan Africa is alarming .Analysis of these non-literacy rates reveal part of the reason for this to include the absence of educational institutions. However, even in areas where educational institutions are available, they are often times inaccessible, and worse off is the fact that educational managers do not possess adequately requisite skills to engage the minds of citizens particularly young people. This is why this Project is geared towards providing the needed skills and building the capacities   of teachers particularly in rural marginalized communities.