1. Submit Application
For a candidate to be considered for recruitment as an intern of the Foundation for Youth Development in the General Internship Scheme or the Institutional Internship Placements, he/she is expected to submit a detailed resume and a letter of motivation.
Resume: The candidate’s resume must contain the following information: bio-data and address; educational background; work experience (if applicable); publications (if applicable); awards/prizes (if applicable); and contact details of 2 academic/professional referees who will be contacted to submit a confidential report.
Letter of Motivation: Every candidate is expected to submit a letter of motivation which should not be more than 700 words. This document should discuss their motivation for seeking an internship opportunity and how the placement would contribute to their future careers. The document should also demonstrate familiarity of the applicants with the work of the foundation as well as the applicant’s expectations from Foundation for Youth Development.
Application Validity : Every complete application will be valid for 3 months from the date of submission. Candidates need not make fresh submissions within this period unless there have been significant developments altering the submitted application.
Contact during Application: Prospective interns are expected to consult the organizations website to find relevant information while preparing their applications. However, email enquiries to the Foundation will be treated and responded to, provided such enquiries do not place the specific intern at an advantage.
2. Interview Session
Interview sessions will be communicated to individual that has been shortlisted.
3. Briefing
The Foundation for Youth Development Internship Program provides opportunities for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of the Foundation for Youth Development to gain professional skills working on FYD’s projects and a substantive learning experience on FYD’s core values. Projects are designed to enhance each student’s specific academic background and interests. Interns receive mentorship and training from FYD staff members.

4. Email:
5. Calendar


Recruitment Period

6months Internship Period

1 year Internship Period

1 December 2017 January – June 2018
2 June 2018 July – December 2018
3 December 2018 January – June 2019 January–December 2019
4 June 2019 July – December 2019